Asgrauw – Krater

4Dutch Black Metallers Asgrauw release their 2nd album ‘Krater’ next month and it’s an improvement on their debut. They play a nice mix of furious, yet melodic Black Metal, with great use of keyboards, which stay on the background, but do add an extra dimension to the songs. I’m almost tempted to use the word ‘Emperor’ on some songs… Not just for their keyboard use, but the spoken parts are familiar with the Norwegian giants too.

‘Krater’ is sung in Dutch and it describes the possibilities of what could happen to the earth if the big Yellowstone vulcano would erupt. The album title means ‘crater’, if you didn’t figure that out yet. Mother Earth and all living beings get hurt, that’s for sure! Asgrauw doesn’t write epic songs, they just spit the fury out and that keeps this release exiting for the entire 44 minutes. Don’t expect endless blastbeats, the band switches between mid-tempo and blastparts, with some spoken words and short intro/outro’s in some songs.

If you want references: Darkthrone, Emperor, Taake. Norwegian old school it is.

Score: 8,5